What Can You Do To Meet Unexpected Supply Demands Quickly?

After a year that has just thrown hurdles at us, we are now approaching the festive season. These are still uncertain times, so it is difficult to know whether the traditional spike in demand will happen or not.

So how do you plan for that? How would your business manage an unexpected increase in demand?

Today, Ogram are going to talk to you about what you can do to ensure that you maximise every opportunity received, thus ensuring productivity and revenue, by hiring Part-Time Workers.

How Can I Manage Increased Demand?

Instead of overworking your regular staff, the best way to manage increased demand is to hire part-time workers.

Not only will you be ensuring the productivity of your regular staff by not overburdening them, but you will have a flexible workforce there for that peak period.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring Part Time Workers?

There are a myriad of benefits to you and your business through hiring part-time workers.

Primarily, the immediate attendance of part-time workers ensures that you can fulfil the additional orders/demand efficiently and effectively

Additionally, part-time workers are usually temporary. So you don’t have to worry that when the spike in demand drops that you will have to source duties for the additional staff.

Furthermore, you can adjust your requirements as you need them. Perhaps, tomorrow you need an additional two staff but at the weekend it may be five. You can order the staff as you need them.

You can use part-time workers where you need them. Whether you assign a part-time staff member to a specific project, leaving your regular staff to focus on their usual duties or vice versa, the part-time worker is there to make life easier

You may have a short term project requiring a very unique skillset that is not readily available within your workforce. A part-time worker can be hired for a specific project because they have those specialised skills.

Hiring part-time workers also enables you to assess suitability for future recruitment or projects. It’s like a ‘try before you buy’.

Part-time workers often have a wide experience to draw from and can bring fresh eyes and ideas to your business; from suggesting a method to improve service in a restaurant to promoting an idea for scheduling in a warehouse.

How Do I Ensure Quality Part-Time Workers?

If you use Part-Time Workers from a reputable firm such as Ogram, you can be confident that the candidates recommended have been fully vetted, qualified and updated on Ogram standards and practices

In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with any aspect of the Part-Time Worker assigned to you, the Ogram Customer Support centre is easy to contact and ensures a human touch.

Final Note

We hope that we have been able to answer your questions about maximising productivity and revenue during spikes in demand.

Temporary part-time workers are — and will remain — a valuable resource to any business. Whether it is to cover unplanned absenteeism or to fulfil additional orders, part-time workers can support you.

If you want further information or advice on how part-time staff can ensure productivity during peak times then check out Ogram, email info@ogram.ae or talk to us on +971 4 578 6152

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