What Are The Benefits of Working Part-Time?

3 min readDec 14, 2020

Part-Time work sometimes, and unfairly, receives a bad rap. Some think it hinders a search for permanent work whilst others feel that it consists of only dull, boring jobs. But this isn’t true!

The flexibility and opportunities that can come out of working Part-Time should not be underestimated.

Today, Ogram will bust some myths and explain some of the many benefits of Part-Time Temporary Work.

What is Part-Time Work?

Part-Time, also known as Temporary Work, is usually for less than 30 hours a week. Examples include a shift in a coffee shop or a day in an office.

Part-Time work can also have more than 30 hours a week. Or just be for seasonal jobs. Think warehouses and retail outlets in the run up to Christmas. Or, hospitality businesses during peak tourist seasons.

What Are The Benefits of Part-Time Work?

There are so many benefits to working part-time that we will just list a few of the keys ones.

Firstly, part-time work can help you top up your income. Whether you are searching for your next full time post or if you just want some extra money, part-time work can help you get there.

Part-Time work is very flexible. YOU choose your shifts and remain in control of your time. You can choose where you work and how frequently. Leaving you free to focus on what you want.

Working in different industries or companies increases your experience and helps you to learn new skills. Ultimately improving your long term employability prospects, if that is what you want.

You get the chance to see if you like an industry or company and can assess suitability for future jobs or projects. Think of it as a ‘try before you buy’.

Employers generally don’t like CV’s/resumes with holes in, so working Part-Time can fill any gaps in your CV/resume.

Part-Time work can also lead to permanent, full time jobs. A company can sometimes like you so much, and you them, that a permanent job is offered!

Working part-time can also help you to build your professional network. Meeting and talking with fellow workers can help you learn more about an industry or introduce you to someone who is influential.

For some, getting a part-time job gives a sense of pride and a psychological boost. You’ve got this!

How Can I Get Part-Time Work?

Just download the Ogram app through the links below and register your profile to start receiving part-time job opportunities.

iOS: https://apple.co/3gDt3Gs

Android: https://bit.ly/36Wrxfm

Not only is Ogram a market leader in part-time staffing solutions across a range of industries, they ensure that their workers are paid promptly and directly to their nominated bank account.

Ogram have a variety of short and long term part-time jobs. Whether you want to be a Barista or a Cashier; a Warehouse Worker or an Administrator, they have a job for you. With reputable firms!

You can also register your profile directly through the link: https://www.ogram.co/work

We hope we have answered all your questions about the benefits of part-time work. But if you do want further information, or advice, then check out Ogram or email info@ogram.ae.




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