The Future of Work

Before the events of 2020, there had already been a shift in the way that many work. Digitalization and globalization have transformed the working world for many sectors, yet the service sector has seen a slower uptake.

Today, we look at why that may be and what the future might hold.

So, What’s Been Happening?

The internet over the last twenty years has created a marketplace that anyone and everyone can access. And it hasn’t stopped developing; Artificial Intelligence continues to evolve and more industries, including the Service Industry will progress with it.

Why Has The Service Industry Seen a Slower Uptake?

The USA Bureau of Economic Analysis estimated that just 7% of services were primarily digital (this means that they used the internet to conduct their business transactions), and it you can see why that is the case.

The very nature of the Service Sector is that it is an interpersonal transaction. Be it cleaners or wait staff; bar tenders or chefs; the fact of the matter is that these are physical jobs that require the person to be in situ.

However, the hiring for those roles can progress to a digital level without losing quality. By moving the recruitment for part-time service staff virtually, you can enjoy the same ease of transaction that you receive when purchasing goods on-line and still be reassured that the people coming into your hotel/bar/warehouse are of the highest quality.

So How Can That Happen?

Well, reputable and established recruiters like Ogram have systems in place to make hiring the right required part time staff as easy as ordering your pizza!

Staff are still vetted fully, trained on latest protocols and updated regularly. And there are no commitments on the number of staff you have to have

Staff will still arrive onsite fully prepared for their shift yet the service quality is not compromised because you used an online platform to book them. You have just made your life a little easier.

You Promise it is Easy?

Ogram have initiated a step by step system on their website which makes it easy to register your staffing requirements. You fill in the blanks and they do the rest!

So How Can I be Sure That On-Line Business is Right for me

Digital platforms can offer frank and open discussion on their merit and suitability via blogs and chat rooms.

Equally, reviews and recommendations are tremendously influential. Clients and suppliers can also submit testimonials as to the quality of a service provided.

So, What Is The Future of Work?

As mentioned, the service industry itself is hands on, but the facilitation of obtaining the right part-time staff can all be automated. However, that isn’t to say that you still can’t speak to someone.

Ogram has a Customer Centre dedicated to handling queries and the human touch is still in place. Although our futures are changing, humans and the world of work will not become obsolete.

If you want further information on the ease of hiring qualified pre-vetted part-time staff then check out Ogram, email or talk to us on +971 55 2811 411



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