Market Sentiment Towards Expo 2020: Dubai

Expo 2020: Dubai is the first world event since the CoVID pandemic. With 192 countries participating, it has been heralded for strengthening international confidence after a tumultuous period.

What Was Said About The Market?

In August 2021, Arabian Business reported that business conditions in the UAE were at a 2 year high. Although exports were down, optimism remained for a strengthening of economic conditions on the back of Expo 2020: Dubai.

2021’s third quarter saw a rise in Dubai’s Consumer Confidence Index, with a marked increase in those surveyed feeling positive about their personal finances and future. Whilst in a survey conducted by the Dubai Chamber, respondents demonstrated increased business confidence for the fourth quarter of 2021.

Much of this confidence can be attributed to the positive effect of the Expo, with business leaders optimistic that it will strengthen economic conditions.

In fact, Hamad Buamim, President and CEO of Dubai Chamber, was reported as saying that hospitality and logistics are among those industries that will see the most activity during the Expo.

What Is The Impact of Expo 2020: Dubai So Far?

After just 24 days, Expo 2020: Dubai reported nearly 1.5 million visits!

As more and more flock to this well-planned and sophisticated event, exhibitors have had to ensure that they can accommodate their visitors, whilst the rest of Dubai — and the UAE — copes with the increased demand of tourists, as well as the exhibitors.

This unprecedented increase in consumer demand has resulted in a shortfall in the supply of staff to various venues. As we mentioned in ‘What Can You Do To Meet Unexpected Supply Demands Quickly?’ the best way to manage increased demand is hire part-time workers.

What Are Ogram Doing To Manage This Increased Demand?

As one of Dubai’s leading providers of fully vetted and trained on-demand part-time staff, Ogram has been working around the clock to ensure that we have a handle on the supply of part-time staff.

To support this, we have increased our supply acquisition and resources to provide enough liquidity to accommodate the increased demand for part-time staff.

This does not mean that we have reduced our standards or will be working below par; our part-time staff remain fully vetted, trained and knowledgeable of health and safety protocols.

Ogrammers are issued frequent reminders on the importance of enhanced hygiene, PPE equipment and social distancing: All whilst providing a friendly yet efficient service, no matter what their role.

Can Ogram Help Me?

Ogram remain on hand to ensure that unexpected demands can be met with a reliable and flexible on-demand workforce.

We do not enforce lock-in periods but coordinate staff as you require them. By having the flexibility to scale your staffing requirements as you need them; you can meet your increased demand without commitment long term.

As one of the first UAE players to provide a digital platform focused on the workers, Ogram has easy to use and accessible time management systems. These negate further paperwork at your end.

So What Are Ogram Doing With The Current Marketplace?

Ogram continue to provide the best possible service and manage customers’ expectations in terms of what can be fulfilled and what can’t.

Communication has always been high on our priorities. We understand how important it is that customers are aware of all aspects of the current marketplace. Any shortfall of supply is communicated promptly and honestly, so that expectations can be managed and alternative solutions sought.

Whilst we work around the clock to source, vet and coordinate supply, we will be proactive in communicating relevant information and continue to update our clients on the marketplace.

For further information or advice on how part-time staff can ensure your productivity during peak times then check out Ogram, email

Hire Part Time Staff On-Demand. Ogram is a staffing marketplace, that enables businesses to book and manage staff on-demand.

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Hire Part Time Staff On-Demand. Ogram is a staffing marketplace, that enables businesses to book and manage staff on-demand.

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