Hello Ogrammers! The fasting month of Ramadan has arrived. It is accepted that fasting is difficult to maintain, especially when the weather is as hot as it is in the UAE. You must work throughout the day and stay up late for Suhoor; before rising early for morning prayers and a return to work. As exhausting as this may seem, there are ways to make it easier. Below we will share some tips and tricks on how to stay dynamic at work while fasting during Ramadan 2022.

“I always find it hard to concentrate when I haven’t had anything to eat in a while”

When you are not allowed to do something, you can end up thinking about it incessantly. Therefore, our first tip is to avoid thinking and talking about food; the more you think and speak of food, the more you will notice its absence and you may begin to feel drained.

If you are feeling drained from thinking about food at Day One, how will it be for the rest of the 30 day fasting period?

Distract yourself by thinking of something fun; who will be present tonight? Or the fact that you are working in a field you like.

Focus on why you are fasting and what you will achieve. By doing so, time will pass quicker and you will be more concentrated in your work.

At OGRAM, some people who we have helped with their job search said that sleeping or napping in the day is a ‘solution’.

This does not work for everyone, especially if you are employed in the food and beverages industry, as a Receptionist, or as a Delivery Person. Sleeping or taking naps during the day may tire you more.

In addition, when you wake up it is likely you will need a drink; one of the main no-no’s during the Fasting period.

However, do try to ensure a good night’s sleep. Try to go to bed straight after Taraweeh so that you are refreshed for Suhoor.

Exercising boosts your metabolism and productivity by at least 50%, leaving you energized and ready to tackle tasks. It is easy to incorporate light exercise during the day.

For example; taking the stairs instead of an elevator adds extra steps. If you live or work on a higher floor, get off a floor or two early and take the stairs. Alternatively, during your break, take a shaded stroll around the block.

Did you know that during Ramadan you are more likely to lose weight if you don’t have food aversion during Iftar? It can be done without really having to ‘forbid’ yourself from eating. We believe that you can turn fasting into a benefit for your health, all while following the traditions.

When you do eat, try to maintain a balanced and healthy diet. Avoid over-eating to compensate for the fasting time. You will feel better for the moderation, with the nutrients provided in healthy food giving you strength to continue.

For that matter, ensure that you stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water whilst you can and reduce the amount of caffeine or sugary drinks. Your body will thank you for it.

We often advise those who apply for jobs with OGRAM to be patient and not rush; let time do its thing. We know that when you want something badly, it feels like an eternity to get it.

Whilst fasting, avoid checking the time frequently, as counting the hours and minutes left until Iftar can be frustrating. A deep breath and focus on the purpose of fasting will restore your mind and boost your resolve.

Humans often like to work according to a schedule and planned tasks, especially when doing administrative tasks. Consider doing the hardest tasks at the start of your shift, leaving the fun and ‘easy’ ones for last.

This doesn’t only apply to those who are working behind desks, if you are a Warehouse Worker or a Cleaner, you can start with the largest and most demanding task; then do the less tiring ones at the end.

This strategy will be your savior towards the end of your working day when you begin to feel fatigued and your concentration starts to fade.

We hope that some of our tips and tricks for being dynamic and productive at work during Ramadan have been helpful. One piece of advice is to not think of fasting as a job or chore; think of its benefits and spiritual positivity.

Lastly, especially during the last week of Ramadan fasting, try to remind yourself that “every day that passes will not come back again”. Given that it’s the last week and that Eid is the last door, enjoy those special moments with your families and friends.

May it be a blessed month for all.

The OGRAM Family wishes you Ramadan Kareem and we remain available for any inquiries. For more information check or email us on You can also call us on +971 55 2811 411.

Hire Part Time Staff On-Demand. Ogram is a staffing marketplace, that enables businesses to book and manage staff on-demand.

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Hire Part Time Staff On-Demand. Ogram is a staffing marketplace, that enables businesses to book and manage staff on-demand.

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