How Can You Book Reliable, High Quality and Flexible Temporary Staff On-Demand?

For a long time, the battle to secure high quality, reliable yet flexible temporary staff seemed to be endless. Just when you think you have a good relationship with a temporary worker you’re let down last minute on a busy day and have to ‘manage’.

Added to that, finding a provider which can provide reliable and flexible temporary workers at peak times can be a challenge. Some require minimum run times or just can’t be contacted when you really need them. Others are unable to provide the flexibility you are seeking.

It is estimated that the UAE hospitality market is looking at $800 million in inappropriate staffing losses a year. This is attributed to profit loss during the low season through overstaffing and loss of revenue in the high season through understaffing. Ogram is dedicated to changing this through the provision of adaptable, high calibre, on-demand temporary staff.

How Do Ogram Know What They Are Doing?

The Future of Work Is Digital

In MENA, Ogram are the largest digital player. They are market leaders in their use of the Global Human Cloud market (digital platforms that enable digital work engagements).

For clients, this meant that Ogram and Ogrammers continued to provide support as businesses navigated the consequential vagaries and disruptions that the new rules and regulations to stem the spread of COVID rapidly brought in.

Ogram’s agile and technological approach allowed them to continue to provide reliable, flexible on-demand staff. Ogram consistently provide 7x more shifts than their closest regional competitor with the capability of deploying quality staff at short notice. Furthermore, Ogram provide the opportunity to ‘scale-up’ requirements, with no cap.

2020 Ogram Technology

This flexible take on temporary recruitment gives business the ability to focus on other matters in hand as Ogram also alleviates payroll admin and provides easy to use clock in/ clock out tools.

2021 Ogram Technology

The new product features scheduled will enhance reliability and flexibility via pricing algorithms, rating features that will enhance quality and geo attendance management. To facilitate Ogrammers’ experiences and ensure their productivity and reliability, automated payments will be issued bi-monthly and new recognition ratings will be enabled.

Final Thought

That Ogram had already assumed a B2B Human Cloud approach meant that they swiftly adapted to the quickly changing dynamic marketplace of 2020 and maintained quality and reliability of service.

The importance of the Human Cloud approach has been reinforced by the advent of COVID and we see no sign of it going away. Ogram is committed to enhancing client experience and absolving the traditional problems of temporary staff quality, availability and inflexibility through use of agile, dynamic technology.

If you want further information on the ease of hiring qualified pre-vetted part-time staff then check out Ogram, email or talk to us on +971 55 2811 411

Hire Part Time Staff On-Demand. Ogram is a staffing marketplace, that enables businesses to book and manage staff on-demand.