Hospitality Workers In This COVID Era

With the advent of COVID-19, businesses have had to evolve quickly in order to survive this ‘new normal’ era. Governments worldwide have introduced stringent rules and regulations for businesses to adhere to in efforts to help flatten the curve.

As the hospitality sector starts to open up, people are actively seeking venues which focus on increased hygiene and cleanliness as standards are increasingly scrutinized and assessed.

The well‑being of everyone who uses Ogram has always been our priority. We are actively monitoring the COVID‑19 situation to help keep our clients’ businesses and workers safe.

Ogram knows that clients and guests feel more at ease and confident when hospitality staff have received training on ways to prevent COVID-19 transmission. This is why we are leading the way and ensuring that all of our part-time workers have the latest safety training and a common understanding of requirements within their new working norm.

Our COVID-19 Safety and Support Steps

Awareness Campaigns

Providing Safety Guidelines

Providing Job Opportunities

How Part-Time Staffing Could Be Key In This World Of Uncertainty

Lower Hiring Costs

Reduce Current Workload

Improve Scheduling Flexibility

No Commitments

No Termination Costs

Part-Time Workers In The Post COVID-19 Era

Start hiring part-time staff now.

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