Dubai Expo 2020: What Will It Mean For Hospitality?

3 min readJul 27, 2021


Dubai Expo 2020 will be the first world Expo for the MEASA region and it is going to be here in just a couple of months! Dubai Expo 2020 is being described as the most sustainable Expo yet, with all eyes on Dubai to host an event that will bring the world together after over 18 months of seclusion.

For those in the Hospitality and Catering sectors, it is a great opportunity to showcase after the extended period of reduced or no operations.

What is the Dubai EXPO 2020?

As we mentioned in “Dubai Expo 2020: What Does It All Mean?” a World Expo is a global event that brings together the world’s cultures and values. It provides an environment where different entrepreneurs, businesses and science can demonstrate their latest ideas and innovations whilst allowing opportunities for networking and collusion. The first world Expo was held in London, England in 1851. They are now held every five years with Dubai’s originally scheduled for 2020.

The aims of Dubai Expo 2020 include raising awareness of the challenges faced by the world’s nations and increasing economic prosperity for all.

This is the first major opportunity for many businesses and minds to come together face to face and discuss opportunities, development and the future in more than 18 months. Whether it is over a coffee, evening meal or conference, this is a great occasion for the catering and hospitality firms of the UAE to show that they are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the palette.

Dubai Expo 2020 and Food

One of the experiences available through Dubai Expo 2020 is the ‘Future of Food’. There will be a focus on what the future holds for food technology and development. Is 3D food really going to be a thing?

There will be a menu entirely designed around the planetary health diet in the Sustainability Pavilion as well as a multi-sensory restaurant.

In addition, a host of local food suppliers and brands have a chance to impress the visitors as some hand-picked UAE-based cafes, restaurants and food trucks will be showcased at various pavilions across the venue. They will be among the 200+ food and beverage outlets that will be onsite offering refreshment to the millions of visitors expected.

Are You One of the UAE Eateries Who Will Be Present At The Expo?

If you are one the UAE eateries who is preparing for your spotlight at the Dubai Expo 2020, we hope that this opportunity gives you the exposure that you undoubtedly deserve.

We have no doubt that you will have put a lot of preparation into providing the best experience for your anticipated guests. But have you planned your staffing to ensure that you will have enough coverage at all times? Even in unforeseen circumstances? Well, Ogram can help you book reliable, high quality and flexible staff on-demand.

Ogram and Dubai Expo 2020

You can feel confident that Ogram will, and already does!, supply quality, vetted front of house and back of house food and beverage staff to various pavilions and exhibitors at Dubai Expo 2020.

Ogram always exceeds the minimum expectations for the provision of flexible, quality staff that excel at providing an efficient and enthusiastic customer experience.

All Ogram staff are fully vetted, briefed and updated prior and during their assignment. Our high calibre sourced staff ensure that your project will run economically and successfully.

In the near future, Ogram will extend its fully automated marketplace. This extension will enable some clients to pick staff based on that Ogrammer’s profile, book on-demand and manage attendance. Ogram’s fulfilment algorithm ensures that all shifts will be covered whilst our swift and effective deployment process ensures staff will arrive in promptly as needed.

Ogram supports stakeholders by providing the flexible part-time temporary staffing that is required for a short term event; the Dubai Expo 2020 is scheduled to end in March 2022. Ogram provides businesses with the flexibility to scale up or scale down their staffing without attracting the fixed overhead costs normally associated with permanent staff. This is in addition to payroll functions and easy invoicing.

If you want further information on the ease of hiring qualified pre-vetted part-time staff for your exhibit at Dubai Expo 2020, then check out Ogram, email or talk to us on +971 55 2811 411.




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