2020: What Happened For Ogram and What You Can Expect In 2021

Whilst 2020 was a challenging year for businesses across the world, Ogram found their adaptive and creative culture ensured that 2020 was still a success. Not just a success for investors, but a success for clients and service providers alike.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for your unrelenting support throughout 2020. Here is an overview of what was achieved; and what can be expected in 2021.

Ogram’s Achievements Through 2020…

16k+ Shifts Covered

AED 1.7Million Paid Out to Service Providers

4k+ Service Providers Registered

Service Provider App Launched

iOS App Download:

Android App Download:

US$870,000 Raised in Pre-Series A (Equity) Round

Hope in Uncertain Times

What Do We Have to Look Forward To in 2021?

Ogram Client App

The tools provided are easy to manage thus simplifying the hiring, management and administrative processes required for part-time staff. Additionally, it will ensure that clients have complete control over their hired staff and shifts.

In an increasingly digital world, further accelerated by 2020’s pandemic, the Ogram App ensures that clients can continue to work and plug unexpected gaps whilst on the go.

More information on the 2021 Ogram App for clients launch will be released soon…

Final Note

Ogram is seeing a huge shift of attitudes in both clients and Service Providers to part-time staffing and working. The benefits and value in hiring flexible temporary workers are increasingly being recognised and are being incorporated in business recovery plans for 2021.

Ogram will continue to provide a consultative and professional service to their clients, inviting and leading discourse on how we can further support staffing solutions for the 2020’s and beyond.

Hire Part-Time Staff

Hire Part Time Staff On-Demand. Ogram is a staffing marketplace, that enables businesses to book and manage staff on-demand. www.ogram.co